Saturday, 17 December 2011


Oh my God!!!  My main hard drive, 1.5 T, has just died.  It says there is nothing on there, zero.  I cannot tell you how much work there was on there, 2 years at least, and in this past year I have created hundreds of designs for all sorts of things as I have at the same time, been learning more about the amazing facilities available in digital designing - all gone!  I am distraught.  I am praying one of these I.T. whizz kids can retrieve the information for me.  Most of my source material is gone too.  A couple of months ago I bought a 2 TB hard drive to copy this one on to and kept meaning to but had no reason to worry.  I had umpteen little reminders to do it the week before it died.  Always, always back up your work.  Can anyone tell me what 'Cloud' is?  I need more I.T. instruction.

I am taking it in to the 'expert' tomorrow so fingers crossed, legs crossed.