Sunday, 30 June 2013


New Designers, London (Textiles) was so innovative and exciting yesterday.  I am always impressed by the presentations of the students from Bucks University.  Must have brilliant tutors.  What a hot day for lunching in the sun. Glorious.  I connected with many of the students having a good browse around my old colleges' stands - Farnham (B.A. (Hons), Bath Spa University (1st year of M.A) and Falmouth University,( 2 years M.A.).  Up at 5 am, home at about 1 am.  A very long exhausting day.  Colleges and Universities from all over Britain take part, including the Shetlands.  I learnt that, as a Textile Designer, I must present exciting ideas for garments, draping my designs into different ideas for garments.  I was impressed at how students had shown samples in an exciting wearable form.  A simple sample may be shown as a blind or hanging.  It's all about presentation (and design, of course).  Exciting day.

Friday, 21 June 2013


I have been distraught that part of my studio which used to be the hay loft, is collapsing.  I had no idea how worried I was until a builder, David, came last night, put my mind at rest saying it wasn't such a huge problem and he will fix it next week.  I am so relieved.  A lesson indeed.  You get what you pay for.  I had a huge window made in the end wall of my studio.  It was built in situ, no joints and it was never finished - so it leaked, and leaked, rotting the ends of the joists.

I am delighted it will be repaired at last.  I am so happy!!

The hay loft in my studio during Art Trek with lampshade samples and art works.  Offending window in the background

Welcome to my studio in Devon, U.K.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


What an amazing 10 days.  Sun streaming down on pale backs, everyone smiling, gorgeous coves and - The Chocolate Factory nearby.  What more could I ask for?  Did a bit of gallery research which was interesting.

Helford, hot and beautiful
A stunning purple iris at Kestle Barton, a very rural gallery near Helford. The estate is open to the public 
.and you can walk for miles to Helford or Frenchman's Creek and Penarvon Cove.  A proposal is called for to show my large hangings and structures.
And now, here comes the rain!
There must have been hundreds of rooks in these trees.  The sound was deafening but so special in the light of the fading sun!