Thursday, 6 February 2014

'PREPARING TO SELL' Seminar, Bovey Castle.

I found the 'Preparing to Sell' seminar at Bovey Castle so informative yesterday.  I thought I had learnt a lot about Facebook and Twitter.  However, I am feeling a bit of a twit trying to set up a Business Page on Facebook!  What a 'nana!

It is always great to meet and connect with other Crafts People.  Learning the necessary points of doing a show, be professional, smile, no eating on your stand or sitting in a corner being uncommunicative.  Don't forget your Wholesale Price List for Galleries etc.  Make sure they are genuine.  Also, do have a Press Pack ready with top quality images and interesting meaningful blurb.

Note:  Magazines want images on a white ground so that they can lift them straight on to their white page.

When applying for shows (or anything), keep it simple.  Keep your images of a top quality, uncluttered and not too diverse.  Keep it simple.

Re. your website, make sure your web designer is in tune with Art and Design.  Nothing too clinical or too flashy.  Do what YOU want, keep it simple, let the pictures do the talking.  Make sure your metatags are meaningful and that you have access to update them.  This is important for Google to pick you up.  Google loves links and blogs.

If I understood it, I would say more about links and shares on Facebook but I am still struggling.  However, I do know we should post regularly, i.e. once or twice a week to be noticed, not too much or people will get bored.