Tuesday, 6 August 2013


With a love of flying, my husband, Mel took me to a fly- in at Dunkeswell Devon.  Although not that interested in flying, I love the lines of the planes, and the parties were great!

My two flying stories: 

A friend took me up in his Cub.  The sun was setting and there were a lot of bubbly cumulus tinged with red in the sky.  We flew above the clouds and it was stunning.  Even redder tinged clouds from above and I saw my first round rainbow on the clouds.  He put the shadow of the plane in the centre.  Stunning!  I was almost sold.

My second flying story was when I went to a small fly-in locally.  I was bored.  Then an interesting guy flew in.  My eyes lit up. He was a real character and we met up with him quite a bit later on at Cranfield.  He was an ex Luftwaffe pilot who had flown in from Germany.  We chatted and he asked me if I would like to go up in his plane. Exciting, I thought.  Yup.  I'm up for it.We went up and up, above the clouds. Beautiful.  Then he said, 'I think I will take you back to Germany with me', and I realised I didn't know this guy at all and I had told noone I was off on an adventure.  Just as I was wondering if I had been mad, he took me into a spiral dive.  Terrifying but the best flight I had had.  He was a display pilot at the major fly-in at Cranfield!!  Eeek!!

Beautiful lines, the wing sweeps and curves as the sun sets

fascinated with lines and geometry, I can see designs here

A cockpit

and an engine


A plane in the setting sun

Under the wing.