Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The problem is remembering all of the settings etc.  I tried to set up something similar in my studio but somehow, not as good.  I need more reflection.  I was amazed at the difference that made.  Anyway, here are a couple of the pictures I took in my studio.

 'Angels on Lime'  This design is created from 'Zen' imagery designed in meditation.  Each image is unique and special.  The colours have come from the David Hockney paintings in his exhibition at the Royal Academy, London.   Pure crepe de chine silk scarf.  90 x 90 cms  £169

 'Honey birds'  Lovat green border.  More 'Zen' imagery created in medition from the sound of my sheep maaing and the birds playing.  As above.  More subtle colours.

 'Cosmic Swirls.  Whilst on my M.A. I became mesmerised by the geometry of the backs of road tankers, much to everyone's amusement.  That circle again.  This is a tanker design and it is truly stunning.  Next step, a live model to display them.

'Hawaiin Night'  Can you see that hot red sun over the sea.  Sigh!  I didn't seem to be able to get that white background here.  A long pure silk stole.  £159.

 'Hawaiin Night' long stole again.  This one is better.  I love the way the white background still has a faint shadow around it.  If I take out the background and make it white, it is so stark.

And this one is 'Hawaiin Dawn'.  Can you imagine  the sound of the sea and the sun rising.  I would love to go to Hawaii, wouldn't you?  90 x 90cms of shear, unique luxury.  Beautiful, quality silk that will last a lifetime.  £169.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I find my new Sony Cybershot Bridge camera really difficult to use and alter the settings so I have kept it on auto.  I enjoyed spending a day learning how to understand the settings on my camera, how to work with natural lighting and reflectors, white backgrounds for press releases, magazines etc.  We talked about websites and just how important it is that your photographs are stunning, noticeable and that they show your work off to the best advantage.  After all, we all want our designs to look spectacular.  Because my supporting study was photography, I feel I should be able to take great photos.  Ugh.  I have files of rubbish.  Not giving in yet though.  Remembering all of the settings is the problem!

Here are a couple of pictures I took at David's.  The colour isn't 100% accurate, but to get acceptable white backgrounds without fiddling is fantastic.The objective, for me, was not to expect to take great pictures, but just to come home with a new knowledge.  I was quite pleased with them though.

'Shrimps and Mermaids' 1

'Shrimps and Mermaids' 2
'Shrimps and Mermaids' is a wearable art scarf in pure, quality crepe de chine silk, a bespoke design created from 'Zen' imagery drawn and painted in meditation.  I overlayed incompatible dyes, pigments and inks onto the silk, steaming them altogether.  Some of the imagery is so beautiful.  This is one of my favourites, so stunning to wear next to the skin.   £169.

'Hawaiin Night'.  A long pure silk stole.  Gorgeous!  £159.

Also, I wanted to know what settings to use to take a close up picture with a blurred background.  I might need to ask Dave to remind me of that one.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Durrh!  I HAVE got a migrane but I am besotted with the work of German Sculptor, Tobias Rehberger.  He has created several cafe interiors in optical black and white with a touch of scarlet. (plenty of text on the internet so I am only going to share some pictures).  He inspires me to get back to my black and white work which I absolutely adore.  I think his work is brave, out there being judged.  It takes guts to create such striking work.  Imagine having a coffee in these environments.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

'PREPARING TO SELL' Seminar, Bovey Castle.

I found the 'Preparing to Sell' seminar at Bovey Castle so informative yesterday.  I thought I had learnt a lot about Facebook and Twitter.  However, I am feeling a bit of a twit trying to set up a Business Page on Facebook!  What a 'nana!

It is always great to meet and connect with other Crafts People.  Learning the necessary points of doing a show, be professional, smile, no eating on your stand or sitting in a corner being uncommunicative.  Don't forget your Wholesale Price List for Galleries etc.  Make sure they are genuine.  Also, do have a Press Pack ready with top quality images and interesting meaningful blurb.

Note:  Magazines want images on a white ground so that they can lift them straight on to their white page.

When applying for shows (or anything), keep it simple.  Keep your images of a top quality, uncluttered and not too diverse.  Keep it simple.

Re. your website, make sure your web designer is in tune with Art and Design.  Nothing too clinical or too flashy.  Do what YOU want, keep it simple, let the pictures do the talking.  Make sure your metatags are meaningful and that you have access to update them.  This is important for Google to pick you up.  Google loves links and blogs.

If I understood it, I would say more about links and shares on Facebook but I am still struggling.  However, I do know we should post regularly, i.e. once or twice a week to be noticed, not too much or people will get bored.

Thursday, 9 January 2014



                    A Small Selection of my work in 'Winter Wonderland',

                            The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey.

Silk lampshades, here 'Sunset', 'Bluebirds' and 'Angel Farmer',  are a new departure for me and I can see that they must be displayed with light.  As they will always be seen with a light inside, it is difficult to  predict what they will look like when they are displayed in a gallery.  They look so beautiful glowing in a room setting. 

More lampshades on the way.  This range of designs has been created bearing our diverse multi-cultural society in mind, the strong colours inspired by the David Hockney exhibition, where he put purple and lime green together, orange and scarlet and blue and gold!!  His colours blew me away.  

Purples and blues!!  Scarlet and blue.  Luscious colours from the David Hockney exhibition.