Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Top of a large silk hanging.

I was studying the creative Way of Zen, working from the Soul Centre; Japanese Culture and Art.  This piece is taken from a study of a beautiful stack of the backs of road tankers, in this case, huge cast iron ends rusting in the rain.  I don't think anyone else could see the beauty I saw in the circular shapes of the tanker.  It's all to do with the inner vision.  Once that is gone, here is a mere road tanker.  I loved the fact that some tankers were strangled by pipes, snaking around their bodies.  I loved the fact that some carried toxic waste and others carried liquid chocolate!  They carried everything.  Bringing 'Zen' simplicity into the imagery, the space, not as a background but as part of the design
made me work with the Soul and not with the eyes as we do in the West.

'GOLDEN SUN'  hanging, and

In my studio as part of 'Art Trek', the Open Studios Event. 
The simplicity of 'Birth of Chocolate' belies the real amount of work that went into the process to reach this final image and I love it.  It amused me that a tanker would carry a whole load of liquid chocolate.  Imagine diving into that!!  The white chocolate, the dark with a touch of orange, the milk and plain.  The other image is called  'ALIENS',  part of a hanging developed from enormous stainless steel tanker rears glistening in the rain.