Saturday, 17 March 2012


Alas, my 1.5 TB hard drive has gone, irretrievable and each day I discover important files that are no longer there, designs, especially those about to be printed for products, gone.  Alas, there was so much information on that drive, so much work and it is disheartening to have to start again. 
However, on the positive side, each day I discover something tucked away in a file within a file, designs that I thought I had lost.

It has made me return to my studio, to working hands-on and I am so excited about that.  I may finally create my Art Deco inspired designs.  I may return to exploring the 'Zen' work, i.e. working directly on to the silk in meditation to see where that leads me.

Digital designing is magical.  Screen printing could never produce the unlimited colours of digital prints.  But, if one is creative, it has to be an interaction, working from drawings or imagery one has created by hand otherwise it becomes a computer exercise.  I love being in touch with my work, gathering source material and squirrelling it away.  I love working in my studio, experimenting with mixing dye pastes, steaming at different stages to get different effects.  I am still inspired by the simple geometry of the road tanker, Japanese design and the simplicity of asymmetric pattern where space is vital, the balance of a shape within a shape.  I find this difficult digitally and I find myself creating the very all over patterns I dislike.  However, putting what I call my 'Zens' into the computer is fascinating.  I need a new project though.
Long scarf idea using drawn imagery.

Blue Star - another long scarf idea.
'Butterfly'.  Idea which could turn into anything.  Its fun exploring.

Watch this space!!!!!  Must make time for the blog.

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