Sunday, 1 March 2015


I have had unbelievable difficulties in creating a presentation box for my scarves. My print table is littered with paper cutouts of boxes of varying sizes, all recommended by box companies, galleries, etc. but my scarves just wouldn't fit. some were long, some too deep. Eventually, I found a size I liked and which seemed to be right for my scarves.

Then I created so many designs, finally choosing this one - but the company templates only went up to this size and I had to reduce the image considerably. But, I like it better. I like the ambiguity of it. Some like to look at it with the name across the top and others, like me, see it down the right hand side with Made in England at the bottom. Job done - for now.

Now working on a new card.

Greetings cards on their way.

'Cosmic Tankers' pure silk crepe de chine scarf in newly designed presentation box

'Cosmic Swirls' beautiful silk scarf in it's new presentation box.

Silk Scarf with no name - yet

'Cosmic Swirls' scarf to be treasured with presentation box.