Sunday, 30 June 2013


New Designers, London (Textiles) was so innovative and exciting yesterday.  I am always impressed by the presentations of the students from Bucks University.  Must have brilliant tutors.  What a hot day for lunching in the sun. Glorious.  I connected with many of the students having a good browse around my old colleges' stands - Farnham (B.A. (Hons), Bath Spa University (1st year of M.A) and Falmouth University,( 2 years M.A.).  Up at 5 am, home at about 1 am.  A very long exhausting day.  Colleges and Universities from all over Britain take part, including the Shetlands.  I learnt that, as a Textile Designer, I must present exciting ideas for garments, draping my designs into different ideas for garments.  I was impressed at how students had shown samples in an exciting wearable form.  A simple sample may be shown as a blind or hanging.  It's all about presentation (and design, of course).  Exciting day.

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