Friday, 14 November 2008

Hidden Imagery

I am fascinated with the oriental concept of design, where a creation is not just visual but an interactive experience, something which happens from the 'centre' or soul. I began working in deep meditation, working directly onto the cloth. Sometimes the images were amazing, having an existance of their own.
A North American Indian

Or an eagle in flight.

Now a beautiful hand-finished silk tie.

A butterfly?

In the 'Zazen' designs, (art created in meditation by the Buddhist monks as a way to enlightenment) I see beauty and simplicity, hidden images of angels, birds, insects, also hidden colour and yet they have no identity in creation. Different realities appear if the image is turned. The images, to me, contain no 'hidden imagery' if created consciously, they have to be created in a state of 'oneness'.

A North American Indian?

A pair of Yin and Yang doves?
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