Monday, 6 April 2009


"The empty canvas mirrors the blank mind for which one strives while meditating. The goal is not perfection; rather, the mind should be free to allow the creation of an expression of the moment, a demonstration of enlightenment. The struggle to know and understand one's inner self is a centuries old quest."

"The uniqueness of Zen lies in this: that the mind is freed from bondage to all thought forms, visions, objects, and imaginings, however sacred or elevating, and brought to a state of absolute emptiness from which alone it may one day perceive its own true nature, or the nature of the universe."

Philip Kapleau, Zen Buddhism teacher (1912-2004)

from 'Illuminations - Zen Wisdom', Running Press

To be in contact with my Soul is important to me. Somehow I feel I have lost that. I need to connect with the lorries.

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