Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Whale Tankers

Whale Tankers were showing at the Plant, Waste and Recycling Show in Paignton and invited me to come. I had such fun!!

It was held on the seafront at Paignton and had been running for 23 years.

They had a shiny display of Whale Combination Tankers, used for Gully and Cesspool Emptying, Jetting and Drain Cleaning. How would we survive without them? We take so much for granted. Would our lack of body waste disposal cause outbreaks of Cholera and other diseases, as in some of the African countries? Not only are the tankers, to me anyway, works of art, they are extremely well fitted for their task. A tanker body, I am told, can cost anything from about £94,000 to over £300.000 and can be built to the customer’s requirements. I wonder what a ‘slippy sheet’ is?

All tankers must comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive, 1997 and Whale offer a National Service Cover which is available always.

Did you know there are:-

· Vacuum Tankers
· Artic Trailers
· Sewer Cleansing
· Dirty Water Recycling Units
· MegaWhale P.D. Pump Sets
· Bespoke Units
· Drinking Water Bowsers
· ADR?
· Trailer Pump Sets
· StreetWashers
· Hooklift
· Deep Lifters
· Second hand Tankers, (Reborn Whales).
And all sorts of other equipment with parts.

There is the ‘KiloWhale’ , 'KaiserWhale' and ‘MegaWhale’ for Deep Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance. Their second hand tankers are called 'Born Again Whales'.

Whale have won several awards for the care of the environment, i.e. birds and wild life, on their factory site. I am hoping to visit them soon.

The 'Kilowhale'

The 'Kaiserwhale' (detail of the back)

'Sewer Cleaning Hose' is inprinted on the pipes. I have become interested in using the pipes in my textile designs. Where will I be led with this research, I wonder?

Ravo UK Sweeping Machines

Ravo had strategically placed plants and small conifers in front of their sweepers which Jazzie was particularly interested in!

The latest Ravo Sweeping Machines use Natural Gas again creating a cleaner world. Their handsome luxury model was produced for shows only, but they have had so many orders for it that they are putting it into production. I thought that this machine was too grand for Britain. They said they had sold none here, some in Holland, Germany, Scandinavia but - 90% of their sales go to - Switzerland! Having lived in Switzerland for 2 1/2 years, I was not at all surprised. They are fanatically fussy about their roads being clean. Ravo also produce beach cleaners.

The sweeping machines we see on our streets are also used on liners, in factories etc. The UK representative, John Wellicome, allowed me to name the luxury Ravo and I called it 'Ronnie Ravo'. Sad! I bet he says that to all the girls!!
The luxury 'Ronnie Ravo'

Ron Smith Recycling and Star Separation Systems Ltd.

I could never have imagined that a skip hire company could be so interesting. They represent Star Separation Systems Ltd., one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial waste separation and reclamation equipment; feed conveyors, hoppers, trammels, picking stations and discharge conveyors. The huge system he showed me will separate all wood, hardcore and a large magnet lifts out the metals all of which are recycled.

Ian Hutchins, Managing Director was so helpful. 80% of skip waste is recycled. They supply skips from 2 to 40 yards and the separation system costs around £92,000. He told me that it will take under six months to recoup that money. Wow! There is a considerable amount of money in recycling!

The 'Trammel' separates the finer dust and stone from the rubble. All is recycled. Wood is chipped and used as industrial fuel.
What was fascinating about this show was how enthusiastic the representatives were when talking about their particular 'baby'. I was in a world I had not considered before but most of the guys I spoke to were funny and extremely knowledgeable
I loved it!
Did you know that the lorries which collect recycling have a line of little windows or grills towards the top to tell the operator when his vehicle is almost full.

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