Sunday, 30 August 2009

Collars, pipes and tankers

Thinking about the tanker as a container, wrapped in pipes of all sorts of different sizes, colours and purposes, I began to create three dimensional structures, chrysalises, samples for lighting perhaps.

Firstly, I sampled extensively with many fabrics, analysing their stretching abilities and whether they gave me the quality I was looking for. The effects were varied. Some fabrics were just too heavy, others had insufficient stretch. Eventually, after considerable research, I found a stretch silk satin, a silk and lycra mix. Creating a striking line design from the back of a tanker, I printed sample pieces of the silk satin, exploring what I could create. I also sampled to see if the silk lycra would print and dye with Procions. It dyed and printed perfectly. I then sampled to see if the colours I was using would discharge and was pleased with the results.
I much preferred the matt reverse side of the fabric and loved the heaviness and drape.

One piece of heavy strimming wire has been threaded through this piece, tensioning it into pockets at each end.

This design has two pieces of strimming wire tensioned into the piece.

Samples in deep plum. One and two pipes have been threaded in different positions.

Several pipes are used to create the rust sample. I can see this on a much larger scale and one of my challenges is to create a huge structure. Finding the 'pipes' with the right firmness and stiffness to enable them to be tensioned is one of my problems. Recently I have discovered a linen with lycra, a stretch linen. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to sample with that. I am thinking of structures which could survive outside, or tougher structures which could be waterproofed, perhaps.

Using the shape of the backs of tankers, I then created two ideas for collars, or lighting with the intention of laser cutting them later in fabric. I printed the shaped in various sizes, cut them out and collated them into shapes. So many wonderful ideas here.
This shape is created using a design taken from the rear of a tanker.

I can see so much potential in this black and white shape. So dynamic, but then I adore pure colour, black and white.
A design for a neck piece, light or larger structure taken from the rear of the 'CB' tanker.
I now must source fabric with which to make the piece.
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