Tuesday, 14 May 2013


What a great feeling it is to be working in my wonderful studio, lambs bleating at the door and puppy playing with her bone.  Spending time screen printing is a joy, despite its splodges and idiosyncrasies.  The ceilings are high so to work in there in the freezing year we have had has been impossible.  Is summer coming.  We think of holidays, shorts and the beach and we are cheered. 

It is so easy to become a digital designer.  To create the digital designs, I have imported amazing 'Zen' drawings painted directly on to the silk in meditation. The images are unique, often looking like birds or angels.  Now I need more drawing, more photography, more exploration.  Whilst digital designing is magical, who wants to spend their life at a computer screen?  I don't.  How much time do we have for 'Social Media'?  Sometimes I just want to switch it all off and delete myself.  But today, one needs the 'net' to promote our designs, to find the right market place.

In the British Manufacturing field, does anyone have a team who will hand-roll luscious silk scarves????  I really hate the idea of machine hemming them.

Anyway, here are pictures of some of my designs catagorised as collectable by the Antiques and Collectors Guide.  They are very rare and unique.

'MOON' a limited edition print scarf on Crepe de Chine Silk.
'ZEDAR' and 'MOON' 90 cm scarves now collectables.

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