Sunday, 11 January 2009

Frozen to the print table

Everything was frozen in my studio. I was saved by having a bowl of hot water to plunge my hands into after washing off a screen. I was so cold but managed to print the first part of my new 'blacks' by combining a red, blue and yellow.

And samples, grounds for my 'Zen' paintings.

My coffee was frozen solid

My bowl of washing water was frozen but today, Sunday, beginning to melt. The water is frozen, toilet is frozen, so - no printing this weekend. Mel was talking about putting a few gas radiators in there for me, but will Russia cut the gas line? Central heating. What a dream!

I would have to be made of tougher stuff to sleep in the caravan where the windows are frozen inside and out. No pictures of my 'ceramic' banana or of the water I spilt on the cooker which instantly formed a solid frozen patch. I am now in a warm bedroom, thank goodness.

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