Saturday, 31 January 2009

A misty day in Newlyn

I feel a wonderful affinity with Newlyn and have visited so many times, studying the boats, the ripples, the rusty chunks of machinery lying around, and the art galleries, The Newlyn Gallery and Badcocks, which is now only open by appointment.

I wanted to share my day.

Firstly, I visited the Newlyn Art Gallery but because of my migrane, could not enjoy the firework display.

Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson had created two fireworks displays, one in a warehouse and the second (above) being made of knotted plastic bags and 'performed' in a church. These were shown on a huge screen but the sound was deafening and as I had a migraine, I could not stay to appreciate the spiritual overtones.

How does my work fit in with the more experimental work?

Avant-garde: Those artists, writers, musicians etc., whose techniques and ideas are markedly experimental, or in advance of those generally accepted. Radical! Daring!

I proposed to be more daring in the future.

The day was misty.

The Tolcarne Inn in Newlyn provides the best fish and chips I have tasted ever - so fresh. A visit to the toilet was an experience.

Wonderful murals adorned the walls.

Strolling around the harbour, I remembered the time I spent a week in the haunted 'Smugglers', overlooking the harbour, drawing the boats. As I was leaving and about to get into my car in the car park, the young lad next door shot me with an air gun. Luckily, it merely parted my hair. Close enough for me though.

The harbour looked mystical.

And I strolled along the pontoons and out on the pier, having fun and collecting imagery for my work. The water was a strange milky turquoise colour when previously, it had been clear.

Boats with rustic paintwork and brilliant colours.

But then, in the rusty dump, I found several interesting images.

An old rusty burger bar would you believe. As with my 'Zen' paintings, people I have asked see different images in these, dolphins, angels etc. I know I will work with these images.

Rusty oil drums with the moon in situ.

And rusty steel plate with pipes, in the rain.

The rusty yard

Part of a boat.

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