Sunday, 14 March 2010


Looking at creating disk hangings, I am beginning to feel that perhaps this is not a good idea. Bouncing ideas of Mel, we have sampled with pipe insulation, joined by pipe insert. The insulation is too flexible and would not hold the circle at that diameter. (6 ft). The pipe itself may, but a small piece is £7 and I would need probably 4 of those per piece = £28 x 6 = £168 just for pipe which I would have to paint white. If the fabric were for digital printing, silk would be about £15 p m. = about £344 for silk so £512 total. That is not allowing for errors and samples. The pipe may twist too when hanging freely.

6 ft diameter is unstable so I have decided that 5 ft diameter is large enough. At the moment, I am sampling with drainage pipe (free, as we have a lot of it). As I said previously, I may have disks cut in wood, mdf or clear acrylic. The disk hangings are not worth doing if they are not going to be perfect and beautiful.

Alternatively, I am considering a series of hangings instead.

Watch this space.

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