Monday, 27 July 2015

FABLAB - Course in 3d printing, laser cutting etc. at Plymouth College of Art.

FABLAB.  I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a 6 week course at Plymouth College of Art. The tutor, Ian, was brilliant, absolutely dedicated.  The course was intense, especially if you hadn't even set eyes on the computer programmes before.  There were a variety of levels of knowledge on the course.  I was probably one of the least knowledgeable!  It was a mind expanding experience if somewhat challenging.

3D printing is magical.

These are a few things printed by previous students

I was impressed with this one

And how does a 3D printer do this???

We covered milling, 

Ian walked round Emma with a camera and there she is, in 3D on the screen.  She can be turned, her back can be seen.  She is even hollow.  Amazing.

And here is the milling maching cutting a 3D Emma out of polystyrene like a winter snow scene.

We covered CNC engraving and finally laser cutting.  It was such a struggle to understand the software and then to import your image into the computer and prepare it for cutting.  Here are my attempts at laser cutting. 

'Dancing Sheep'  I loved this design because it looks like dancing sheep - and I love sheep.  Alas my 'bridges' which hold the design together were too small and bits fell out.

This was a stable silk, almost like cotton.  Here is the design before the cut out pieces have been removed.

This is the design for 'Cat'

'Cat'  Again, I did something wrong with the bridges.  You can see that isolated areas (which will drop out), have design within them.  I should have connected those shapes with the outside structure to hold it all together.

Here you can see the pieces falling out.  I then etched this design into white card.  I will certainly hope to use laser cutting in my work and am working on ideas for development.

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