Monday, 27 July 2015


'Zen and the Art of Road Tankers' was great fun.  Herewith posts of more Ikebanas which I did enjoy creating although I wasn't expecting my Anthuriums to die within 2 weeks.  I had been told they would last about 2 months!

 'Raindance', 'The Journey', 'Aliens' and 'Golden Sun' silk hangings.  I so enjoyed my travels to source imagery of road tankers and then to 'play' with them to enhance their beauty.  The perceptions of road tankers were never the same for many people and I didn't meet one nasty driver.

My lime green anthuriums with silk hangings, 'Breath of Dawn', 'The Sound of Rain' and 'Spirit', all created in meditation from sound only, a profound experience.  My sheep maaa'd and birds tweeted and cawed.  Pheasants squawked as they rose from the field outside my studio - and I represented them all in the silence, eyes closed.  The 'Zen' Masters do not work with their eyes but from their Soul Centres, according to my research.

Through another lime green Ikebana, my limited edition scarves with 'Planet', a silk hanging and 'Tanker Inside'

Irises form my Ikebana here.

I had so many lovely comments about my work and my prints seemed to go well.

'20's Swing', 'St. Louis Blues' two Limited Edition silk scarves (25) and 'Planet', a striking silk hanging where viewers saw different imagery within it; sheep, dancers, dandelions, monkey on the moon etcetera, an intriguing piece.

'20's Swing', a pure silk Deco inspired scarf, limited edition of 25, signed and dated with a signed dated and numbered certificate.

'St. Louis Blues' another pure silk scarf, as above.

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