Monday, 9 March 2009


I became fascinated with Envelope Art when reading about Takao Tanabe's work. (see previous blog).
Recently, I discovered the work of Ralph Freeman who talks about the envelope.

'The envelope is a symbol of time. It contains something that is created in the present, sent to the future and received from the past'.

'The Letter' Ralph Freeman. Oil on canvas
'Notes on Notes' Ralph freeman

' Enveloped' Oil with collage on canvas

I love the idea of 'secrets' tucked away under the flap. The envelope may contain a letter of love, a bill, a nasty correspondence, notice of a birth, a christening, a birthday, party or just printed matter. A letter from a friend is always more appreciated and special than an impersonal E-mail but they are sent less and less now.
The envelope travels through time, often kept for years as a reminder of past loves.

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