Monday, 9 March 2009

LORRY TART - The Lorries.

I have always been keen on geometry and here is a gathering of squares and rectancles whilst the tankers are circular. The breakdown of the shapes, i.e. the division of the shape by the doors, is echoed in the work of Ellesworth Kelly and Terry Frost who I am researching.

This unusual chap lies in the dockyard at Newlyn. I just love black and white, especially stripes. It is chic and striking. Also, a detail.
Another black and white lorry at Newlyn.

I chose this Sainsbury's lorry because of the interesting inscription on the back:-

'This is a dual fuel lorry, fuelled by a combination of diesel and landfill gas. CO2 emissions from landfill gas are more than 60% lower than diesel. Our values make us different.'

Well, I didn't know that!

The driver of this lorry really did think I was bonkers, asking to take pictures of his lorry in the torrential rain. Lots of geometric shapes in this one, and colour.

I telephoned Highways and spent a day with the manager of the depot. Each driver is responsible for his own lorry, keeping it clean etc. and I was so impressed with their pride. This driver insisted I take photos of the arrow pointing to the right with the arrow lights on, and another with the arrow to the left.
And with this lorry, one with the top lights on and one with the bottom. I was treated like royalty and had such a laugh.

Can you tell where it is yet??

This image is similar to that used by Terry Frost.

No matter what your source is, you will see the shapes you see and with this one, the red reflector around the doors could be one of my scarf designs. (If it's not, it probably will be - one day!


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