Monday, 9 March 2009

TANKER TART - The Slurry Tanker

From my previous small selection of lorries and tankers, one stood out, so I have decided to give it a blog of its own. Whilst driving past Bristol one day, I saw one of these which was black and white. Detective work necessary to trace it.

This one I chased through Taunton on to an industrial estate. The guys were fun. I find that there is endless source material in this one.

Page from my sketch book just to give the imagery another dimension. I was thinking about a stiffer material and huge print with the additional detail

And another slurry tanker was transformed on another day.

Another poncho idea, or coat

Three sketches of ideas. Lots to do but at least I am enjoying myself. This gives me ideas for using other fabrics, i.e. crushed nylon and for exploring wearable shapes in a different way.
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