Monday, 9 March 2009

TANKER TART - The Coloured Tankers

Another collection of interesting coloured tankers. We went out the other day and I had forgotten my camera. You should have seen the strange monsters that 'got away'!

Ah. The 'Scarlet' Tanker. How I love scarlet!

A golden cement tanker
This black tanker is the only one I have seen with a square casing around it. More research needed here.

I think this is a milk tanker.

I was delighted with this blue Highways tanker.

And this cleaning lorry, a circle with circles like some strange alien being.
Quite a few of the lorry drivers are overweight. Of course, they are probably compelled to live on 'takeaway' meals and burgers. I can see the echo in the roundness of the tankers and I am sure this will permeate my work somewhere.


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